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Can we HELP you or someone you know?

FCN has strong and longstanding links with the farming community and agriculture throughout England and Wales. Our volunteers are all farmers or are associated with farming and understand the problems facing agriculture today. At FCN we understand how interconnected the farm business and household are and have helped thousands of farmers with problems or issues in the following areas:

About The Farming Community Network

FCN strives to make itself known to any and all in the farming community who might one day need them or who might like to help and support the charity.  FCN has a clear Christian ethos in everything it does. All its services are made available to those in need from all faiths or none in a supportive, non-judgmental manner. 

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Supporting the people who care for the countryside

Support FCN's work

There are lots of great ways to raise funds for the work of FCN.

We are grateful to all who raise funds or donate in any way. Like all charities we need to plan for the future and welcome a commitment upon which we can rely to help the farmers of the future. To find out more about how you can help, click the appropriate button below.

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Volunteering for FCN

It's easy to get involved. You can volunteer in many different ways:

  • Become a caseworker
  • Become a Helpline volunteer taking calls in confidence
  • Provide administrative support in your area with a local FCN group
  • Become a fundraiser for a local FCN group and support their efforts
  • Organise local promotion and publicity for FCN in a local group
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