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At present, FCN has a group of volunteers based in each of 28 counties in England and in 4 areas throughout Wales.  Wherever you live in England or Wales, our Helpline staff can put you in touch with an FCN volunteer or other local farming support group. Call the Helpline on 03000 111 999. 

For operational purposes, local volunteer groups are separated into five regions each under the guidance of a Regional Director with each local group having its own officers, led by a Co-ordinator for day to day activities.  Please see below for where FCN groups operate.

Local volunteers ‘walk with’ people as they make their way through problems and difficulties so that they don’t have to face them on their own. FCN does not provide advice but can help to guide people as they resolve their problems; with links to sources of professional advice, appropriate help can be brought in when required.

South West

Regional Director - Stephen Dennis

Cornwall – Peter Clarke  

Devon – Joanne Jones

Dorset – Nick Viney

Somerset – Suzie Wilkinson

Wiltshire – Anthony Matthew

Central Counties

Regional Director - Revd Canon Glyn Evans DL

Berkshire, Oxfordshire & Buckinghamshire (BOB) - Tina Hirons

Herefordshire –  Glyn Evans (taking referrals)

Northamptonshire – Allyson Bottrill (taking referrals)

Staffordshire – Jeremy Lowe

Warwickshire – Nicholas Bond

Worcestershire – Margaret Herbert


Regional Director - Richard Betton

Cheshire – Sharon Mayer

Cumbria – Elizabeth Gough

Lancashire – Stella Clarke

Northumberland – Simon Lloyd

Yorkshire – Helen Benson

Eastern Counties

Regional Director - Keith Davis

Essex – Rosemary Alexander

Norfolk & Suffolk – Philip Miles

Hertfordshire – Brian Burgess

South East

Regional Director - Revd Dr Mark Betson

Hampshire – Anthony Matthew

Kent – Anthony Hyde

Surrey & Sussex – Revd Dr Mark Betson (taking referrals)


Regional Director - TBC

Mid Wales – Patricia Borland

Monmouthshire – Lyn Kemsley

North Wales – Sue Hudson

West Wales – Revd Dr Ian Morris

Other Local Groups

Currently operating under the regional direction of Charles W Smith

Derbyshire – Graham Hinds

Leicestershire – Malcolm Harrison

FCN works in partnership with similar organisations based in other parts of the country: Bedfordshire & Cambridgeshire, Gloucestershire, Lincolnshire, Nottinghamshire, Shropshire and Northern Ireland.